A discussion of transitional justice in two decades of injustice


People's War is celebrating its 27th day on February 1 this year. A comprehensive peace agreement was signed by the state and the then rebels to peacefully meet the demands raised by the People's War. As that day, the state is celebrating its 16th anniversary on November 5 of this year. People who were born at the time of the beginning of the People's War may be celebrating their 27th birthday right now. Similarly, at the same time, the family members of the martyrs and the deceased are remembering their relatives. Only the memory of the injured, crippled, and those who suffered from prison torture during the same period. A native born after the signing of the peace treaty has become a virgin. The person who started the war has become an adult today. But the work of investigating the incidents that happened in the immediate situation is still ongoing. Commissions have been formally formed. He is also working. But the result is not promising. An attempt has been made in this article to discuss about justice in the transitional period with the aim of dealing with this topic of injustice.

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